engagement models

                Deliver the products, solutions and services your customers need as a member of Software AG’s alliances and channels. Differentiate your offerings with our industry-leading integration, Internet of Things and process software. Join our PowerUp Partner Program through these engagement models.


Combine your deep industry knowledge and expert advice with Software AG’s innovative technologies to enhance your offerings and expand your portfolio. New opportunities abound as we partner together and build new solutions that extend living connections for our customers. Together, we can give businesses the power to instantly see, decide and act.

                Be future-focused

Differentiate your business with our industry-leading technologies recognized by Gartner and Forrester to win opportunities and increase your footprint in specific markets. 

                Disrupt the market

Design and offer a digital ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with your customer's current infrastructure without compromising existing investments.

                Grow your business

Companies are going digital to delight customers and assure business continuity. Partner with Software AG to meet the increasing demands for implementing innovative digital solutions.

                Light the digital way

Design the future by leading lighthouse projects. Accelerate changes in perceptions and beliefs by showing, not telling, how to become a digital enterprise. You can do that with us!

                Protect your ground

We respect and value your unique talents. We'll work with you to establish clear and reliable territories and responsibilities at the start of our engagement and continuously re-assess as needed.  

                Lean on us

Our Professional Services can help you minimize delivery risk and increase speed of deployment with architecture assessments, project setup support, blueprint review and go-live checks.


Influence the digital direction and software choice of your customers by leveraging our award-winning portfolio for integration, APIs, the Internet of Things, analytics, and process and IT transformation. Fill your pipeline with leads from Software AG and work closely with us to close business and secure loyal clients.  

                Sell with confidence

You can sell with confidence knowing that Software AG technologies are consistently positioned as industry leaders by Gartner and Forrester.

                Earn attractive rewards

Receive generous resell margins when you sell our products and get attractive commissions for establishing maintenance and support contracts.

                Benefit from referrals

Receive sizable referral and sales assist fees when you pass on client opportunities or actively assist in deals. We'd like the opportunity to reward you.

                Get recognized

Earn training discounts and increase your resell margins with partner success levels that are awarded based on your achievements and specialization.  


Co-create solutions or embed Software AG products within your own offerings to extend your product capabilities and deliver additional value to your customers. Quickly and easily OEM our technology and embed it into your software, services, cloud or mobile devices.

                Create freely

Our independent and open software empowers you to create a digital ecosystem that integrates seamlessly with your customer's current infrastructure.

                Get coached

Because we truly get to know our partners, you can expect to succeed quickly as we actively coach you through your analysis and design phases.  

                Speed to market

Accelerate your top-line growth, deliver customer benefits faster, and continuously outmaneuver your competition by working with Software AG.

                Retain your IP

Retain your Intellectual Property (IP) rights when you build customer solutions using our software.

                See your potential

Our open-book policy and simple margin models make it easy to understand your reward potential.

“Adobe and Software AG are coming together to deliver a solution that will enable enterprises to harness and action large volumes of customer data to deliver personalized, real-time customer experiences at scale.”

Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO, Adobe

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

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