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How is IIoT used in

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions empower manufacturers to operate smarter using connected assets, real-time data analytics and monitoring to keep agile, informed and in control. Whether you’re looking to launch smart connected products, improve quality or gain insights into your supply chain, do it quickly and easily with the #1 self-service IoT platform

Explore these ways to use IIoT in manufacturing and imagine what you can do with a solution from Software AG.

                    Smart product monitoring

Deliver new features faster with connected products. With the ability to remotely monitor, manage and analyze product data, you’ll know how and when customers use your products. You’ll see how to sell more services, create new product bundles, design contracts based on use and offer higher-value services with stronger SLAs. You can direct sales to profitable opportunities with insights on real customer needs.

                    Predictive product services

Use predictive analytics with your IIoT solution to reduce downtime by anticipating maintenance needs. With an enterprise IIoT platform, you can access and analyze usage and status data from sensors embedded in your connected products and use predictive models to forecast the need for repairs. Increase customer lifetime value and first-call repair rates on a platform for usage- or outcome-based services.

                    Condition-based & predictive maintenance

With an IIoT solution, you can access real-time usage and status data from sensors and actuators embedded in your manufacturing equipment. Continuously stream this data to your IIoT solutions in the cloud, or analyze that data at the edge for real-time fault detection and alerting. Condition monitoring improves asset use and availability, increases product quality and reduces maintenance costs.

                    Manufacturing process optimization

Monitor manufacturing processes and machinery in real time and identify what’s causing production bottlenecks. Analytics-driven visualizations of operational KPIs help you see, decide and act faster. By creating a “digital twin”—a digital representation of a physical asset—you can remotely monitor a machine’s status at any time.

                    Smart logistics

Build a digital supply network by connecting your systems and those of your suppliers, distributors and customers. Asset tracking, from supply to delivery, informs you on asset use. Gain real-time insights into location, vibration, temperature and other environmental factors with connected assets. Receive alerts when something’s not going according to plan.

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